What if you're not made for a 9-5?

You’re living the entrepreneurial life and now want to bring it
to the next level?  You’re at the right place.



Most solopreneurs offer a great service…

they just don’t know what actions to take next to generate new prospects, how many of them do they need to have in the pipeline to reach their financial goals or how much to sell their service for and what software is available to support their growth.

Together, we will look at your personal and business finances. We also look at how you spend your time and we identify what structures and practices will lead you to live the entrepreneurial life of your dreams.


How It Works

The Get Into Gear Process is a no-fail system to create daily practices for operational and financial success without wasting weeks and months.

Hands-On Problem Solving

Whether you are a freelancer or have started a business, I help develop new daily practices for productivity and sales and marketing strategies – from top level to how to set up your technical tools.


Creating Time and Financial Alignment

I help you with a clear process to know how much to charge, how many leads you need and how much time you should allocate to prospecting on a weekly basis to stay debt free.

Heart-to- Heart


I’m not a motivational coach who will give your inspiration. I will be by your side solving your sales, operations and entrepreneurial lifestyle challenges. You don’t have to do it all alone.

Sandra Came Into My Life At A Crucial Point. I Was About 8-Months Into Entrepreneurship And I Had Some Clients But Was Completely Disorganized And Not Optimizing My Operations, Which I Knew Were Necessary For Growth.

Having Invested In A Business Coach Beforehand, I Knew What I *Wasn’t* Looking For — A Cheerleader, Or A Motivator. I Needed Somebody Who Could Help Me Plan And Execute A Good Solid Business Strategy That I Could Operate Everyday To Get The Results I Desired.

Sandra Delivered And Her Value Was A Total Game-Changer. Suddenly The Clouds Parted And Entrepreneurship Became A Longer-Term, Viable Lifestyle For Me.

Rebecca Perrin


Practical advice to grow your business and yourself

Giving you a PDF document filled with growth recommendations won’t make a difference unless you have a clear set of actions to support sales and financial structures. I will be by your side to help you with resolve, hands-on, any issues in your day-to-day operations.

Learn more about my NO-FAIL system to support your growth.